Blog Silence

So…’ blog has been a bit silent…so, a quick explanation. We (well…”I” since is just one person now…but it feels weird to say “I” on a company blog)… We were offered a contract writing a mobile ticketing interface for the iPad.  It required leveraging and interacting with technologies we hadn’t used...

Doing Checkouts Right

On Facebook, Smashing Magazine linked to an interesting article by Christian Holst called, “One Page Checkouts – the Holy Grail of Checkout Usability?” The punch-line was no, that a well-designed multi-page checkout probably was just as good as a single-page one. (Evidence to the contrary could be connected with the fact that usually comparisons are done between optimized one-page...

Our New URL Shortener:

We are proud to announce that, our URL shortener, is now live. Initially we’ll just be using it ourselves…but if you are interested in utilizing it too, please contact us. It leverages the free PHP software, YOURLS (“Your Own URL Shortener”). We debated using Pro, but unless you subscribe to their grand-a-month Enterprise plan, there is no real...

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