MarsEdit Stripping Characters with WordPress

If you go to use MarsEdit to edit blog posts with WordPress and find that it is stripping off characters (e.g. double-quotes, less than, and greater than signs), then please check out this article: “Is Mars Edit stripping quote marks?” Short story…some providers have an old libxml2 with PHP. If they are not willing to upgrade it, then this command (with the most recent version...

Doing Checkouts Right

On Facebook, Smashing Magazine linked to an interesting article by Christian Holst called, “One Page Checkouts – the Holy Grail of Checkout Usability?” The punch-line was no, that a well-designed multi-page checkout probably was just as good as a single-page one. (Evidence to the contrary could be connected with the fact that usually comparisons are done between optimized one-page...

Is Your Web-Site Anti-Portable Device?

In his “Fatal Exception” blog on InfoWorld, Neil McAllister writes a great piece for web site owners called, “7 Web UI mistakes to avoid for smartphones and tablets.” I won’t regurgitate the entire article (please take time to read it yourself), but a couple points in case you don’t. First, does this conversation sound familiar to you? Clients say the...

Avoiding AddThis in a WordPress Post or Page

Since social networking is very important, we leverage the AddThis WordPress plug-in to allow visitors to share pretty much anything, page, post, index, archive, etcetera. However, there are some cases where it really makes no sense (e.g. our Search page) or it conflicts with another bit of technology (e.g. our Contact Us page leverages our theme’s built in contact template, and their...

Getting a Better Facebook URL

When you first create a page on Facebook, you are stuck with a cryptic kind of web address, for example: However, once you have 25 likes for your page you can go here: And choose a more friendly user name for your Facebook page. For instance: Your old...

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