Privacy Isn’t Just for Criminals

Privacy Isn’t Just for Criminals An important part of technology is making it so only those who should access your data do access your data. Governments included. Here is a quick article on my religious blog about a secure e-mail service (ProtonMail) I recommend you check out, sign up for, and donate to: “Privacy Isn’t Just for Criminals” P.S. A couple of other posts of interest about ProtonMail: “A...

Don’t Forget to Eject

Don’t Forget to Eject Have you ever wondered if you really to eject your external hard drive, flash drive, etcetera. According to a recent article on Popular Mechanics, yes: “Does It Really Matter if You Eject Disks Properly?” So…don’t forget to...

MarsEdit Stripping Characters with WordPress

If you go to use MarsEdit to edit blog posts with WordPress and find that it is stripping off characters (e.g. double-quotes, less than, and greater than signs), then please check out this article: “Is Mars Edit stripping quote marks?” Short story…some providers have an old libxml2 with PHP. If they are not willing to upgrade it, then this command (with the most recent version...

Acting School with Nick Searcy

I had the unique opportunity today to attend a conference call with Peabody Award-winning international film and television star Nick Searcy, Iraq war veteran and Purple Heart recipient Bryan Anderson, and filmmaker Chris Burgard. Along with that special access, I was given an early "secret" link to Nick's fifth episode of Acting School: I've been a fan of Nick Searcy ever...

New is Live!

New is Live! We are proud to announce the completion of a new WordPress-based web site for Fillmore Farms grows the worlds best organic English Walnuts. Trust us, we’ve been snacking on them. 🙂 Please take time to visit their site…and order some walnuts…you will not be...

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