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TheSolver.us Consulting and Services was formed in March of 2011 by Alan Fahrner. Its mission is to help businesses and individuals find effective ways to solve technological and operational requirements and/or issues, from the ordinary to extraordinary. These solutions need to be modern, efficient, and effective, but always recognizing that money does not grow on trees, and that people matter. There is a solution.

What We Can Do

TheSolver.us Consulting and Services can assist you in the areas of technology, operations, and management because of Alan’s unique history of being both a tech guru and a successful executive manager (straddling IT and Operations). If you are in a technology-dependent industry, it is unlikely that what you need to accomplish is outside of the scope of his 22 years of experience.

Yes, your applications are unique, but proper software design (and the rest of its life cycle) is essentially no different between industries. The same with technology implementation, project management, personal management, cost reduction, and so on.

Ultimately, Alan made his living putting a square peg through a round hole with a heart for people and a commitment for doing it right. (You can review Alan’s resume and read testimonials to this fact.) We will gladly help you with your “ordinary” problems too, but where we’ll especially shine is figuring out the right combination of tools to overcome that insurmountable issue or task.

The Future

Long term our hope is to expand our reach, first by adding consultants that can speak to specific expert needs, and then by (hopefully) hiring individuals in the local area to provide skilled services for companies that cannot afford to add more full time employees (at least for particular specialties).

It’s too early for people to send resume’s for the employment side of things, but if you have expertise and a can-do (“there is a solution”) attitude, please drop us a line.

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