MarsEdit Stripping Characters with WordPress

If you go to use MarsEdit to edit blog posts with WordPress and find that it is stripping off characters (e.g. double-quotes, less than, and greater than signs), then please check out this article:

“Is Mars Edit stripping quote marks?”

Short story…some providers have an old libxml2 with PHP. If they are not willing to upgrade it, then this command (with the most recent version of MarsEdit) will get around it:

defaults write RSUseNumericXMLEntityEncodings -bool YES

And, this is how you would remove it once all is well:

defaults delete RSUseNumericXMLEntityEncodings

Kudos to MarsEdit for creating a work around (since often we are too small of a fish to get a large ISP to upgrade a library.)

P.S. I highly recommend MarsEdit…

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