Blog Silence

So…’ blog has been a bit silent…so, a quick explanation.

We (well…”I” since is just one person now…but it feels weird to say “I” on a company blog)…

We were offered a contract writing a mobile ticketing interface for the iPad.  It required leveraging and interacting with technologies we hadn’t used before…and within (given the unfamiliarity) a very short period of time (with plenty of other time-consuming obligations worked in).  Focusing on the job at hand led to the blog entry silence…but in the future we’ll keep some items coming even during push periods.

And there definitely was plenty to write about the last month…

We also hope to pen some entries based on what was learned during that contract, but just in case we don’t, to summarize:

  • Web services are the way to go for rapid development and flexibility
  • jQuery is great
  • jQuery Mobile is also great, but does live up to its alpha status now-and-then (although it’s alpha is better than a lot of betas)
  • Program from the get-go with internationalization, language support, and future functionality in mind (which we did)
  • Don’t give up on working past issues, even when they seem out of your control (e.g. did you know that iOS puts a 300ms delay in the normal click event)

And so on 🙂

It was a great experience that will hopefully lead to more work. We wish we could point you to a demo of our work…but…the one who paid for it owns it. 🙂

(This article, slightly edited, was cross-posted on our TixxTech blog.)

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