Our New URL Shortener: slv.nu

We are proud to announce that slv.nu, our URL shortener, is now live. Initially we’ll just be using it ourselves…but if you are interested in utilizing it too, please contact us.

It leverages the free PHP software, YOURLS (“Your Own URL Shortener”). We debated using bit.ly Pro, but unless you subscribe to their grand-a-month Enterprise plan, there is no real personalization (and you cannot choose a specific short codes). However, if you are large enough to afford that service, bit.ly has one huge advantage—many third-party products have built-in support of using bit.ly as you, meaning something as simple as TweetDeck can automatically shorten the URL’s in your tweets via your short domain name.Want to test it out?  Try these:

As a business, you should really consider grabbing your own short domain name (it’s pretty cheap) and providing your shortening service. It’s another way to look more professional, it gives you short code flexibility, and it provides you control of all tracking (you don’t have to implicitly share it with a third-party provider).  Thanks to Nathan Bingham (@NWBingham on Twitter) for clueing us into YOURLS. (A great way to solve a problem is to ask someone who already has how they did it.)

One final note…I have not personally tested YOURLS under load, so if you are a company that might get a ton of traffic to a URL, you will want to get your QA department to load test it…or…pay someone bit.ly to be responsible for responsiveness under all conditions…

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